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    This paper reconstructs Oskar Becker’s phenomenology of race, a project he called “paraontology.” For Becker, a fervent National So-cialist, paraontology provided a phenomenological account of “na-ture”—a realm of ahistorical essences encompassing both the “super-historical” truths of mathematics and metaphysics and the “sub-historical” forces of “blood and soil.” The impetus for this reconstruc-tion is the re-emergence of this term in contemporary Black studies, where it is used to problematize…Read more
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    Consummate Phenomena: Oskar Becker’s “Hyperontological” Aesthetics
    Journal of Aesthetics and Phenomenology 10 (2): 179-193. 2023.
    This essay reconstructs Oskar Becker’s idiosyncratic conception of aesthetics and its importance for phenomenology. For Becker, the aesthetic is not simply one type of phenomenon among others; rather, it occupies a privileged position as, first, that phenomenon which is itself “wholly phenomenal,” and, second, that phenomenon which discloses the ontological structure of phenomenality itself (and is thus what he calls “hyperontological”). The paper first reconstructs Becker’s descriptive phenomen…Read more
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    Translator’s Introduction to “Transcendence and Paratranscendence”
    Critical Philosophy of Race 10 (2): 248-262. 2022.
    Translation of Oskar Becker’s “Transcendence and Paratranscendence” (1937). The essay is the first announcement of Becker’s project of “paraontology,” a phenomenological investigation of essence that attempted to encompass both mathematical and “natural” entities (which he took to include racial identity).
  • Distracted images : Ablenkung, Zerstreuung, Konstellation
    In Nassima Sahraoui & Caroline Sauter (eds.), Thinking in constellations: Walter Benjamin in the humanities, Cambridge Scholars Press. 2018.