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    Teleology and Nous in Plotinus’s Ennead 6.7
    Kriterion: Journal of Philosophy 61 (147): 609-632. 2020.
    In this paper, I argue that Plotinus’s critique of divine deliberation in Ennead 6.7 does not seek to banish teleology altogether from his philosophy of nature. Rather, his critique aims to situate teleology within his own metaphysical system so as to reconcile it with the basic principles governing the intelligible universe. In this sense, Plotinus does not propose that we expunge all reference to notions of utility and benefit from our natural explanations; he merely wishes to render those not…Read more
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    Freedom and Praxis in Plotinus’s Ennead 6.8.1-6
    Archai: Revista de Estudos Sobre as Origens Do Pensamento Ocidental 30. 2020.
    In this paper, I argue that Plotinus does not limit the sphere of free human agency simply to intellectual contemplation, but rather extends it all the way to human praxis. Plotinus’s goal in the first six chapters of Ennead 6.8 is, accordingly, to demarcate the space of freedom within human practical actions. He ultimately concludes that our external actions are free whenever they actualize, in unhindered fashion, the moral principles derived from intellectual contemplation. This raises the que…Read more