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    Li shi xu wu zhu yi pi pan wen xuan (edited book)
    Hong qi chu ban she. 2018.
    Ben shu fen wu ge zhuan ji,Xuan lu le wang wei guang,Zhang quan jing,Tian xin ming,Liang zhu,Li shen ming,Liu run wei,Zhou xin cheng deng fa biao zai deng qi kan shang de pi pan li shi xu wu zhu yi de wen zhang,Zhi zai yin dao guang da dang yuan gan bu shen ke ren shi li shi xu wu zhu yi de wei hai,Shi zhong jian chi wei wu shi guan,Jian jue fan dui li shi xu wu zhu yi.
  • On the Function and Target of the Highest Political Policy-makers
    with Yu-wen Zhong
    Nankai University (Philosophy and Social Sciences) 2 105-114. 2010.
    The highest decision-makers utility function of the core objective is to maintain and strengthen the right to rule. This is the actual goal. To this end, they must provide the public with a certain type and quantity of public goods, which constitute its official goal. Moreover, they target for the completion of the formal status of the public can bear to achieve the minimum level of security value, or the regime will be turbulent, so called security goals. To prevent the collapse of the regime a…Read more
  • Yanan's Society of New Philosophy and "Sicification of Marxism"
    with Qun-yu Tan
    Modern Philosophy 6 38-45. 2006.
    "Marxism in China" is the late 1930s, Mao Zedong clearly a theoretical proposition, a new philosophy will be a preliminary demonstration groups. The interior of this proposition will be explained there is a difference, but the development trend of the argument, then consciously or unconsciously become the name of Mao Zedong is linked with the logic of an integral part of the chain, which is then thought of Mao Zedong is the "Chinese Marxism" conclusions drawn, and the internal logic associated w…Read more
  • Generally believed that "theory of continuing revolution under the dictatorship of the proletariat" is a "Cultural Revolution" guiding ideology, which in ten years the "Cultural Revolution" period has been widely publicized, has written to the Chinese Communists "nine", "Top Ten", "Eleventh large "by the political report and constitution, but also to write the fourth and fifth National People's Congress meeting adopted constitutional changes, the impact is huge. When it was proposed that "the hi…Read more
  • Smooth transformation of Chinese-style system to adjust the ownership structure from the start, however, non-public economy in the former planned economy period is excluded, then why in the early stages of reform of the ownership structure appears on the direction of 180 ° turn it? Detailed study of history, we can find the ownership structure adjustment and reform is under pressure at the time of employment occurred in 1978-1979, the educated youth back to the city to focus on the already grim …Read more