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    Julia Kristeva and Feminist Thought
    Edinburgh University Press. 2011.
    This book appraises the relationship between contemporary feminism and Julia Kristeva, a major figure in Continental thought. It addresses the conflicting range of feminist responses to Kristeva's key ideas and Kristeva's equally conflicting as well as ambiguous position vis-a-vis feminism. Schippers argues that this complex relationship can only be understood by positioning Kristeva along the fissures and fault lines which run through feminism. By attending to feminism's internal debates and di…Read more
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    Judith Butler can justifiably be described as one of the major critical thinkers of our time. While she is best-known for her interventions into feminist debates on gender, sexuality and feminist politics, her focus in recent years has broadened to encompass some of the most pertinent topics of interest to contemporary political philosophy. Drawing on Butler's deconstructive reading of the key categories and concepts of political thought, Birgit Schippers expounds and advocates her challenge to …Read more
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    4. Violence, Affect and Ethics
    In Moya Lloyd (ed.), Butler and Ethics, Edinburgh University Press. pp. 91-117. 2015.
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    Kristeva’s time?
    Feminist Theory 11 (1): 85-94. 2010.
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    Birgit Schippers on Habermas, Kristeva and Citizenship by Noëlle McAfee (review)
    Women’s Philosophy Review 27 66-70. 2001.