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    Review of Graham Priest's "Beyond the Limits of Thought."
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    This guide brings together information on the broad spectrum of education and research opportunities currently available in the sciences of complexity. Its purpose is to make these kinds of investigations more accessible by providing information on programs, institutions, organizations, and literature where one can learn about their principles, methods, and applications. The guide is intended to help interested students and educators locate the various academic fields, departments, institutes, a…Read more
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    This paper contrasts two relatively independent forms of human development: waking up, the process and practices of psychospiritual awakening , and growing up, the process of moving from lesser narcissistic and ethnocentric self-identities towards mature postconventional self-identities with greater degrees of inclusion, perspective-taking, caring, and compassion. Each is a unique type of growth, contemplative and transformative, with different ways of engaging and differing goals and results. T…Read more