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    Vesselin Petrov, Ontological Landscapes
    Chromatikon 7 223-226. 2011.
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    Vesselin Petrov, Ontological Landscapes
    Chromatikon 7 223-226. 2011.
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    Whitehead, Russell, and Moore: Three Analytic Philosophers
    with Ronny Desmet
    Process Studies 41 (2): 214-234. 2012.
    The aim of this historically oriented article is to give an account of the methodological similarity of Whitehead and Russell with regard to the logico-mathematicalmode of philosophical analysis, and of Whitehead and Moore with regard to common sense. According to the authors, these similarities, especially when taken together, justify the classification of Whitehead as an analytic philosopher. Because of the doctrinal uniqueness of Whitehead, however, they also hold that he will always remain a…Read more
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    Whitehead and Green
    Chromatikon 7 169-201. 2011.
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    The Psychological Source of the Concept of Feeling
    Process Studies 45 (1): 58-85. 2016.
    In this article I trace back Whitehead's concept of feeling to its psychological sources. I argue that Whitehead's way of conceiving feeling was made possible by the works of British psychologists-philosophers, most importantly G. F. Stout. The latter's Analytic Psychology, a work of great authority read by Whitehead very early, contains the conceptual resources Whitehead needed to elaborate his concept of feeling as immediate experience, in partial contrast to the similar concept proposed by F.…Read more