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    Why is there something rather than nothing? Does God exist? Does time flow? What are we? Do we have free will? What is truth? Metaphysics is concerned with ourselves and reality, and the most fundamental questions regarding existence. This clear and accessible introduction covers the central topics in metaphysics in a concise but comprehensive way. Brian Garrett discusses the crucial concepts in a highly readable manner, easing the reader in with a look at some important philosophical problems. …Read more
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    Black on Backwards Causation
    Thought: A Journal of Philosophy 3 (3): 230-233. 2014.
    In this discussion paper I argue that Max Black's well-known bilking argument does not succeed in showing the impossibility of backwards causation
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    Experience and Time
    Acta Analytica 33 (4): 427-430. 2018.
    In this discussion, I claim that the debate over ‘the bias towards the present’ turns on an axiological question. Is the value of a present experience greater than its value when past? I argue not and hold that our bias towards the present, understood as a pure time preference, is irrational.
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    Personal Identity and Reductionism
    Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 51 (2): 361-373. 1991.
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    Elementary Logic
    Routledge. 2012.
    Elementary Logic explains what logic is, how it is done, and why it can be exciting. The book covers the central part of logic that all students have to learn: propositional logic. It aims to provide a crystal-clear introduction to what is often regarded as the most technically difficult area in philosophy. The book opens with an explanation of what logic is and how it is constructed. Subsequent chapters take the reader step-by-step through all aspects of elementary logic. Throughout, ideas are …Read more