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    Philosophical Investigations, EarlyView.
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    The Epistemology of Know-how
    Dissertation, University of Hertfordshire. 2012.
    There is an as yet unacknowledged and incomparable contribution to the philosophical debates about know-how to be found in the writings of Ludwig Wittgenstein. It is sourced in his investigations into knowledge and certainty in On Certainty, though it is not limited to these late passages. Understanding the ramifications of this putative contribution (even if one does not agree with it) highlights the extent to which (i) there is now a new range of issues pertaining to know-how which no future p…Read more
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    Introducing Cinematic Humanism: A Solution to the Problem of Cinematic Cognitivism
    Croatian Journal of Philosophy 19 (2): 331-349. 2019.
    A Cinematic Humanist approach to film is committed inter alia to the following tenet: Some fiction films illuminate the human condition thereby enriching our understanding of ourselves, each other and our world. As such, Cinematic Humanism might reasonably be regarded as an example of what one might call ‘Cinematic Cognitivism’. This assumption would, however, be mistaken. For Cinematic Humanism is an alternative, indeed a corrective, to Cinematic Cognitivism. Motivating the need for such a corr…Read more
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    The Value of Literature (review)
    British Journal of Aesthetics 58 (3): 332-336. 2018.