•  107
    Does trust matter for R&D cooperation? A game theoretic examination
    with Shyama V. Ramani
    Theory and Decision 57 (2): 143-180. 2004.
    The game theoretical approach to R&D cooperation does not investigate the role of trust in the initiation and success of R&D cooperation: it either assumes that firms are non-opportunists or that the R&D cooperation is supported by an incentive mechanism that eliminates opportunism. In contrast, the present paper focuses on these issues by introducing incomplete information and two types of firms: opportunist and non-opportunist. Defining trust as the belief of each firm that its potential colla…Read more
  •  86
    The objective of this article is to investigate the impact of agent heterogeneity (as regards their attitude towards cooperation) and payoff structure on cooperative behaviour, using an experimental setting with incomplete information. A game of chicken is played considering two types of agents: ‘unconditional cooperators’, who always cooperate, and ‘strategic cooperators’, who do not cooperate unless it is in their interest to do so. Overall, our data show a much higher propensity to cooperate …Read more
  •  51
    Comments on Warren Reich’s article on ancient consolation and modern empathy
    Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics 34 (5): 433-436. 2013.
  •  49
    This thesis begins with an introduction to children's literature, looking at its history in order to contextualise the texts under examination, and the specific arguments surrounding the study of children's books. It then looks closely at the complicated issue of ideology, specifically with regards to children's literature as a concept at the centre of any discussion of books for children. The discussion then investigates the nature of fantasy writing and the ways in which alternative worlds are…Read more
  •  45
    La recherche conduite dans le cadre de la thèse de doctorat (CROUZIER 2003) a été focalisée sur l’analyse des liens professionnels tissés entre les dispositifs RASED et les équipes éducatives des écoles primaires. Nous avons co-construit les données nécessaires à leur compréhension et choisi des traitements combinant les avantages du quantitatif et du qualitatif. Nous avons en particulier retenu une approche statistique fondée sur l’analyse statistique textuelle (LEBART SALEM 1994) pour explorer…Read more
  •  44
    Feminism as a radical ethics? Questions for feminist researchers in the humanities
    Journal of Academic Ethics 4 (1-4): 245-260. 2006.
    A feminist perspective on selfhood – bound to a perspective on otherness – is the main concern of this article. The resonance of this notion of selfhood both with ethical philosophy and with the language of humanism enables a deeper understanding of a feminist ethics as well as its internal tensions. The article considers the relationship of feminism and humanism as one of “paradoxical fluidity” rather than antithetical polarization, to explore the ways in which feminism’s alliance with contempo…Read more
  •  38
    Attention-based maintenance of speech forms in memory: The case of verbal transformations
    with Christian Abry, Marc Sato, Jean-Luc Schwartz, and Hélène Loevenbruck
    Behavioral and Brain Sciences 26 (6): 728-729. 2003.
    One of the fundamental questions raised by Ruchkin, Grafman, Cameron, and Berndt's (Ruchkin et al.'s) interpretation of no distinct specialized neural networks for short-term storage buffers and long-term memory systems, is that of the link between perception and memory processes. In this framework, we take the opportunity in this commentary to discuss a specific working memory task involving percept formation, temporary retention, auditory imagery, and the attention-based maintenance of informa…Read more
  •  35
    Beat-induced fluctuations in auditory cortical beta-band activity: using EEG to measure age-related changes
    with Laura K. Cirelli, Dan Bosnyak, Fiona C. Manning, Christina Spinelli, Takako Fujioka, Ayda Ghahremani, and Laurel J. Trainor
    Frontiers in Psychology 5. 2014.
  •  29
    Littérature et histoire du christianisme ancien
    with Jeffery Aubin, Serge Cazelais, Julio Cesar Dias Chaves, Cathelyne Duchesne, Steve Johnston, Louis Painchaud, Paul-Hubert Poirier, Tuomas Rasimus, Gaëlle Rioual, and Maryse Robert
    Laval Théologique et Philosophique 70 (3): 579-630. 2014.
    Jeffery Aubin,Serge Cazelais,Marie Chantal,Julio Cesar Dias Chaves,Cathelyne Duchesne,Steve Johnston,Louis Painchaud,Paul-Hubert Poirier,Tuomas Rasimus,Gaëlle Rioual,Maryse Robert,Eric Crégheur
  •  28
    Littérature et histoire du christianisme ancien
    with Eric Crégheur, Serge Cazelais, Julio Cesar Dias Chaves, Cathelyne Duchesne, Steve Johnston, Louis Painchaud, Paul-Hubert Poirier, and Nadia Savard
    Laval Théologique et Philosophique 67 (1): 155-190. 2011.
  •  27
    Accès à l’information dans les réseaux socionumériques
    with Dieudonné Tchuente and Nadine Baptiste-Jessel
    Hermès: La Revue Cognition, communication, politique 59 (1). 2011.
    L’analyse des réseaux sociaux est menée dans le domaine des sciences sociales depuis les années 1930. Le premier enjeu pour réaliser ces analyses se situe dans la collecte de l’information sur la structure de ces réseaux et sur leurs activités. Avec l’avènement du Web 2.0 et des technologies du Web sémantique, plusieurs mécanismes de collecte d’information sont désormais envisageables. Cependant, très peu d’utilisateurs sont conscients des facilités d’atteinte et de manipulation de leurs traces …Read more
  •  25
    Littérature et histoire du christianisme ancien
    with Jeffery Aubin, Dianne M. Cole, Julio Cesar Dias Chaves, Cathelyne Duchesne, Christel Freu, Steve Johnston, Brice C. Jones, Amaury Levillayer, Stéphanie Machabée, Paul-Hubert Poirier, Philippe Therrien, Jonathan I. von Kodar, Martin Voyer, Jennifer K. Wees, and Eric Crégheur
    Laval Théologique et Philosophique 69 (2): 327. 2013.
    Jeffery Aubin ,Marie Chantal ,Dianne Cole ,Julio Chaves ,Cathelyne Duchesne ,Christel Freu ,Steve Johnston ,Brice Jones ,Amaury Levillayer ,Stéphanie Machabée ,Paul-Hubert Poirier ,Philippe Therrien ,Jonathan von Kodar ,Martin Voyer ,Jennifer Wees ,Eric Crégheur
  •  22
    Ce volume comprend les laquo;Actesraquo; de la Table Ronde reacute;aliseacute;e au sein du XXe Congregrave;s International d'Eacute;tudes Byzantines (Paris, ...
  •  21
    The “Right to Be Forgotten”: Negotiating Public and Private Ordering in the European Union
    with Roxana Radu
    Business and Society 58 (1): 74-102. 2019.
    Although the Internet is frequently referred to as a global public resource, its functioning remains predominantly controlled by private actors. The Internet brought about significant shifts in the way we conceptualize governance. In particular, the handling of “big data” by private intermediaries has a direct impact on routine practices and personal lives. The implementation of the “right to be forgotten” following the May 2014 decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union against Goog…Read more
  •  20
    Marie Chantal | : Cet article fait le point sur les travaux récents abordant le problème de l’utilisation des catégories modernes dans l’étude des traditions judéennes de l’Antiquité. La dernière décennie a en effet été marquée par la publication d’une série de recherches abordant d’abord le problème du concept moderne de « judaïsme » pour décrire une réalité antique portée par le grec Ioudaismos et se questionnant ensuite sur la façon juste de traduire Ioudaios pour respecter l’ethnicité du peu…Read more
  •  20
    Littérature et histoire du christianisme ancien
    with Eric Crégheur, Francis Bédard, Serge Cazelais, Lucian Dîncă, Steve Johnston, Arianne Lefebvre, Louis Painchaud, and Paul-Hubert Poirier
    Laval Théologique et Philosophique 65 (1): 121-167. 2009.
  •  19
    with Anne Pasquier and Steeve Bélanger
    Laval Théologique et Philosophique 70 (3): 407-411. 2014.
    Anne Pasquier,Marie Chantal,Steeve Bélanger
  •  19
    Health and Disease in Byzantine Crete
    Early Science and Medicine 17 (3): 354-356. 2012.
  •  19
    Proximity and Micro-Enterprise Manager’s Ethics: A French Empirical Study of Responsible Business Attitudes (review)
    with Katherine Gundolf
    Journal of Business Ethics 88 (4). 2009.
    This research article analyses the influence of micro-enterprise (ME) managers’ perception of their relationship to their environment on the nature of their ethics. We carried out a survey with the head managers of 125 French MEs, providing a large set of primary data. Two types of variables were defined: (1) variables related to the nature and intensity of the relationships between ME managers and their social environment, and (2) variables related to the ethical framework that the managers use…Read more
  •  18
    Sacred spaces in public places: religious and spiritual plurality in health care
    with Sheryl Reimer-Kirkham, Sonya Sharma, Barb Pesut, Richard Sawatzky, and Heather Meyerhoff
    Nursing Inquiry 19 (3): 202-212. 2012.
  •  18
    Actin‐based motility: from molecules to movement
    with Christophe Le Clainche, Sebastian Wiesner, and Dominique Pantaloni
    Bioessays 25 (4): 336-345. 2003.
  •  17
    Comparing the quality of care across Belgian hospitals from medical basic datasets: the case of thromboembolism prophylaxis after major orthopaedic surgery
    with Sophie Gerkens, Ralph Crott, Yves Horsmans, and Claire Beguin
    Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 16 (4): 685-692. 2010.
  •  17
    Les Julie et Sophie de Charrière : Chassé-croisé avec Rousseau sur l’éducation des femmes
    Lumen: Selected Proceedings From the Canadian Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies 24 121. 2005.
  •  17
    Expertise sur les formes d’interdisciplinarité mise en œuvre dans les programmes de recherche du ministère de l’Écologie, du Développement durable et de l’Énergie
    with Rémi Barré, Évelyne Brun, Marcel Jollivet, Yves Le Bars, Jean-Louis Martinand, Claude Millier, and François Papy
    Natures Sciences Sociétés 21 (4): 466-466. 2013.
  •  16
    From empathic mind to moral behaviour: the “who”, “why” and “how”
    Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy 19 (4): 517-522. 2016.
    In this paper, I start by suggesting a new definition of empathy. I go on by answering the question of “Who feels empathy?”. I list some examples of people, illustrating how the level of feeling empathy differs from one category of people to another. It’s actually almost everybody who feels empathy: the baby, the good Samaritan and the other two priests, the tax evader, the psychopath, the judges, juries, lawyers, the politician, the bully adolescent, the therapist, etc.… Then I explain, “Why em…Read more
  •  15
    La Vision du Monde de Wilhelm von Humboldt: Histoire d'Un Concept Linguistique
    Ens, École Normale Supérieure Lettres Et Sciences Humaines. 2007.
    La locution vision du monde est aujourd'hui très régulièrement utilisée dans la presse écrite et dans les sciences humaines, mais sait-on que c'est au linguiste allemand, Wilhelm von Humboldt (1767-1835), que nous devons le concept de ...
  •  15
    Towards the end of the Byzantine Empire many texts of the Latin Fathers were translated into Greek, beginning with the De Trinitate of Augustine. This flurry of translation spurred discussion on the authority of the Fathers. The Greeks were now confronted with the problem of what one should do when the (presumably infallible) Fathers justify apparent heresy (the Filioque) ? This question became crucial after the Council of Florence and the fall of the Byzantine Empire. What is the definition of …Read more