• Multi-informant validity evidence for the ssis sel brief scales across six european countries
    with Christopher J. Anthony, Stephen N. Elliott, Michayla Yost, Pui-Wa Lei, James C. DiPerna, Carmel Cefai, Paul A. Bartolo, Ilaria Grazzani, Veronica Ornaghi, Valeria Cavioni, Elisabetta Conte, Sanja Tatalović Vorkapić, Maria Poulou, Baiba Martinsone, Celeste Simões, and Aurora Adina Colomeischi
    Frontiers in Psychology 13. 2022.
    The SSIS SEL Brief Scales are multi-informant measures that were developed to efficiently assess the SEL competencies of school-age youth in the United States. Recently, the SSIS SELb was translated into multiple languages for use in a multi-site study across six European countries. The purpose of the current study was to examine concurrent and predictive evidence for the SEL Composite scores from the translated versions of the SSIS SELb Scales. Results indicated that SSIS SELb Composite scores …Read more
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    Adolescents' Resilience During COVID-19 Pandemic and Its Mediating Role in the Association Between SEL Skills and Mental Health
    with Ilaria Grazzani, Alessia Agliati, Valeria Cavioni, Elisabetta Conte, Sabina Gandellini, Mara Lupica Spagnolo, Veronica Ornaghi, Francesca Micol Rossi, Carmel Cefai, Paul Bartolo, and Mollie Rose Oriordan
    Frontiers in Psychology 13. 2022.
    The main purpose of this paper is to investigate the role of social and emotional learning skills and resilience in explaining mental health in male and female adolescents, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Three self-report questionnaires were administered to 778 participants aged between 11 and 16 years and recruited from 18 schools in Northern Italy. The SSIS-SELb-S and the CD-RISC 10 assessed SEL and resilience skills respectively, while the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire was used to m…Read more
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    Social Emotional Competence, Learning Outcomes, Emotional and Behavioral Difficulties of Preschool Children: Parent and Teacher Evaluations
    with Baiba Martinsone, Inga Supe, Ieva Stokenberga, Ilze Damberga, Carmel Cefai, Paul Bartolo, Mollie Rose O’Riordan, and Ilaria Grazzani
    Frontiers in Psychology 12. 2022.
    This paper addresses the role of social emotional competence in the emotional and behavioral problems and learning outcomes of preschool children based on their parents’ and teachers’ evaluations. In this study, we compared the perceptions of teachers and parents when evaluating the same child using the multi-informant assessment. First, the associations and differences between both the informant evaluations were investigated. Second, the correlation of the social emotional competence and emotio…Read more
  • This paper is on the meaning of egalitarian relationships within democratic spaces. My central thesis is that an adequate conception of democracy for a plural and culturally diverse society like the United States, a conception that seeks to locate political power in its citizens equally, must provide conditions for all its citizens to be seen and heard by one another. ;I propose that we rethink the way we understand egalitarian relationships and suggest that the notion of human visibility is mor…Read more
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    Constructivism: Defense or a Continual Critical Appraisal A Response to Gil-Pérez et al
    with Mansoor Niaz, Fouad Abd-El-Khalick, Alicia Benarroch, Carlos E. Laburú, Nicolás Marín, Luis A. Montes, Robert Nola, Yuri Orlik, and Lawrence C. Scharmann
    Science & Education 12 (8): 787-797. 2003.
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    The views and influence of Ernst Von glasersfeld: An introduction (review)
    Foundations of Chemistry 10 (2): 129-134. 2006.
    Research into learners' ideas about science suggests that students often have alternative conceptions about important science concepts. Because of this dissatisfaction, constructivism has been adopted as a theoretical framework by many teachers and researchers, and it has had a curricular influence in many countries. Constructivism is much more than an educational doctrine and we are aware that a ‘science war’ about the possibility of objectivity is in progress. ‘Constructivism’ cannot necessary…Read more
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    The foundations of radical constructivism: An interview with Ernst Von glasersfeld (review)
    Foundations of Chemistry 8 (2): 177-187. 2006.
    Constructivism rejects the metaphysical position that “truth”, and thus knowledge in science, can represent an “objective” reality, independent of the knower. It modifies the role of knowledge from “true” representation to functional viability. In this interview, Ernst von Glasersfeld, the leading proponent of Radical Constructivism underlines the inaccessibility of reality, and proposes his view that the function of cognition is adaptive, in the biological sense: the adaptation is the result of…Read more
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    Human Visibility and Democratic Space
    Social Philosophy Today 14 251-269. 1998.
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    This paper is on the meaning of egalitarian relationships within democratic spaces. But it is more of an exploratory work than analytical. I propose that we rethink the way we understand democratic relationships and suggest that the notion of human visibility is much more critical for designing our social institutions than are principles of organizing equal participation. By distinguishing between conditions of public order and conditions of public visibility, I hope to show that the problem of …Read more