• The executivevisuospatial sketchpad interface in euthymic bipolar disorder: implications for visuospatial working memory architecture
    with J. M. Thompson, J. Gray, P. Mackin, I. N. Ferrier, and A. H. Young
    In B. Kokinov & W. Hirst (eds.), Constructive Memory, New Bulgarian University. 2003.
  •  103
    I argue against the commonly held intuition that robots and virtual agents will never have emotions by contending robots can have emotions in a sense that is functionally similar to humans, even if the robots' emotions are not exactly equivalent to those of humans. To establish a foundation for assessing the robots' emotional capacities, I first define what emotions are by characterizing the components of emotion consistent across emotion theories. Second, I dissect the affective-cognitive archi…Read more