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    Rights to the Oceans: Foundational Arguments Reconsidered
    Journal of Applied Philosophy 36 (4): 626-642. 2019.
  •  32
    Do territorial rights include the right to exclude?
    Politics, Philosophy and Economics 18 (4): 307-322. 2019.
    Do territorial rights include the right to exclude? This claim is often assumed to be true in territorial rights theory. And if this claim is justified, a state may have a prima facie right to unil...
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    Rights of Residence
    Philosophy and Public Issues - Filosofia E Questioni Pubbliche. forthcoming.
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    Cara Nine on how to decide where borders should be drawn.
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    Ecological Refugees, States Borders, and the Lockean Proviso
    Journal of Applied Philosophy 27 (4): 359-375. 2010.
    Ecological refugees are expected to make up an increasing percentage of overall refugees in the coming decades as predicted climate change related disasters will displace millions of people. In this essay, I focus on those rights ecological refugees may claim on the basis of collective self-determination. To this end, I will focus on a few specific cases that I call cases of ‘ecological refugee states’. Tuvalu, the Maldives, and to a certain extent, Bangladesh are predicted to be ecological refu…Read more
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    The Moral Arbitrariness of State Borders: Against Beitz
    Contemporary Political Theory 7 (3): 259-279. 2008.
    In this paper, I critically examine an important premise in theories of global distributive justice that, despite its widespread influence, has remained largely unexamined. This is the claim that state borders are morally arbitrary with respect to a just distribution of goods. I examine two common arguments for this claim, the argument that state borders are historically unjust and therefore morally arbitrary; and the argument first made by Charles Beitz that the conditions of a fair, hypothetic…Read more
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    This essay defends a strong right against displacement as part of a basic individual right to secure access to one’s home. The analysis is purposefully situated within the difficult context of climate change adaptation policies. Under increasing environmental pressures, especially regarding water security, there are weighty reasons motivating the forced displacement of persons—to safeguard water resources or prevent water-related disasters. Even in these pressing circumstances, I argue, individu…Read more