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    The Origins of Divergent and Oscillating Modes of Religiosity
    with Peter Mulholland
    Ethos: Journal of the Society for Psychological Anthropology 48 (2): 250-267. 2020.
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    The Complexity of Popular Religiosity: A Cognitive and Symbolic Approach
    Journal of Cognition and Culture 16 (3-4): 199-214. 2016.
    Popular religiosity manifests itself alongside a heterogeneous continuum of beliefs, behaviours, modes of thinking and modes of living that flows between two poles: the experiential pole and the normative pole. A central theme in this paper will be that all forms of religiosity originate in a combination of innate predispositions and cultural upbringing; hence human religious experience needs to be approached by combining both cognitive and symbolic approaches. To this effect, this paper attempt…Read more
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    What are the theoretical implications of a universal genealogy? After the demise of relativism in kinship studies, there is much to be gained by joining old formal-structural analysis of kinship to recent cognitive-evolutionary approaches. This commentary shows how the logic of kinship terminologies, specifically those of the Seneca-Iroquois, can be clarified by looking at the relationship between opposite-sex/same-sex sibling pairs