•  64
    Gianfranco Miglio (1918-2001)
    Telos: Critical Theory of the Contemporary 2002 (122): 101-110. 2002.
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    Ethics, Market, and the Federal Order. The Political Philosophy of Wilhelm Röpke
    Journal des Economistes Et des Etudes Humaines 20 (1): 19-41. 2014.
    The moral and political philosophy of Wilhelm Röpke is among the finest instances of European classical liberalism in the twentieth century, and in many occasions he stated that only a society which understands the importance of markets can be reconciled with human dignity. Röpke elaborated a political theory that focused on the harmony between moral principles and economic law. In this sense, his liberalism is unique not only because it defends private property and competition as pillars of a t…Read more
  • Libertates (edited book)
    with D. Velo Dalbrenta
    Ibl Libri. 2012.
  • Il libertarismo non è un'utopia
    Etica E Politica 5 (2): 1-27. 2003.
    The paper points out the deep connection between libertarian philosophy and political realism. At the core of the analysis there is the idea the State is an anti-juridical organization, because it rests on a bellicose way to conceive human relations. In this sense, the theory of a free society is not only the logical consequence of Misesian refutation of every collectivist way to produce goods and services in absence of market prices. Using Rothbard’s and Salin’s studies on monopoly and cartels,…Read more
  • Lo Stato moderno come metafisica e come religione
    Nuova Civiltà Delle Macchine 29 (1/2): 425-434. 2011.