Cassandra Falke

UiT - The Arctic University of Norway
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    Phenomenology of the Broken Body (edited book)
    with Espen Dahl and Thor Eirik Eriksen
    Routledge. 2018.
    Some fundamental aspects of the lived body only become evident when it breaks down through illness, weakness or pain. From a phenomenological point of view, various breakdowns are worth analyzing for their own sake, and discussing them also opens up overlooked dimensions of our bodily constitution. This book brings together different approaches that shed light on the phenomenology of the lived body—its normality and abnormality, health and sickness, its activity as well as its passivity. The con…Read more
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    The Reader as Witness in Contemporary Global Novels
    Studia Phaenomenologica 21 225-242. 2021.
    Phenomenological literary criticism has long taken the one-on-one exchange with an other as the model for thinking about the reader-to-text relationship. However, new novels portraying genocides and civil wars are more likely to position readers as witnesses. Drawing on Jean-Luc Marion’s description of the subject as witness as well as works by Kelly Oliver and Jacques Derrida, this article offers a phenomenological description of the reader as witness. As witness, the reader is situated both by…Read more
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    The Phenomenology of Love and Reading
    Bloomsbury Academic. 2016.
    Without a philosophical grounding, literary theory within the "ethical turn" cannot speak convincingly about literature's relationship to our lives. Jean-Luc Marion's articulation of a phenomenology of love provides this philosophical grounding.The Phenomenology of Love and Reading accepts Jean-Luc Marion's argument that love matters for who we are more than anything-more than cognition and more than being itself. Cassandra Falke shows how reading can strengthen our capacity to love by giving us…Read more
  • Love without bodies
    In Antonio Calcagno, Steve G. Lofts, Rachel Bath & Kathryn Lawson (eds.), Breached Horizons: The Philosophy of Jean-Luc Marion, Rowman & Littlefield International. 2017.