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    RAE1 ligands for the NKG2D receptor are regulated by STING-dependent DNA sensor pathways in lymphoma
    with A. R. Lam, Bert N. L., S. S. W. Ho, Y. J. Shen, M. L. F. Tang, G. M. Xiong, J. L. Croxford, K. J. Ishii, S. Akira, D. H. Raulet, and S. Gasser
    The immunoreceptor NKG2D originally identified in natural killer cells recognizes ligands that are upregulated on tumor cells. Expression of NKG2D ligands is induced by the DNA damage response, which is often activated constitutively in cancer cells, revealing them to NK cells as a mechanism of immunosurveillance. Here, we report that the induction of retinoic acid early transcript 1 ligands for NKG2D by the DDR relies on a STING-dependent DNA sensor pathway involving the effector molecules TBK1…Read more