University of Georgia
Department of Philosophy
PhD, 2008
Norfolk, Virginia, United States of America
Areas of Specialization
Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy
  •  22
    Dividing Nature by the Joints
    Apeiron 48 (3): 285-326. 2015.
    Journal Name: Apeiron Issue: Ahead of print
  •  38
    Methodology in Socrates' Examination of the Slave
    Dialogue 50 (3): 443-467. 2011.
    ABSTRACT: I argue that Socrates employs both elenchus and the method of hypothesis in the examination of the slave. I show that the elenchus is a necessary step of the inquiry. Being reduced to ignorance, Socrates tacitly uses the method of hypothesis to move the slave from ignorance to correct opinion. I tease this out from the questions Socrates asks. Although the method of hypothesis begins from a question distinct from elenchus, the solution to the problem leads the slave to answer the origi…Read more