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    Should Engineering Ethics be Taught?
    Science and Engineering Ethics 17 (3): 583-596. 2011.
    Should engineering ethics be taught? Despite the obvious truism that we all want our students to be moral engineers who practice virtuous professional behavior, I argue, in this article that the question itself obscures several ambiguities that prompt preliminary resolution. Upon clarification of these ambiguities, and an attempt to delineate key issues that make the question a philosophically interesting one, I conclude that engineering ethics not only should not, but cannot, be taught if we un…Read more
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    Fallaciousness and Invalidity
    Philosophy and Rhetoric 12 (4). 1979.
  • The Technology Time Bomb
    Bulletin of Science, Technology and Society 11 (6): 317-321. 1991.
  • Plato's Esoteric First Principle
    Diálogos. Revista de Filosofía de la Universidad de Puerto Rico 14 (33): 29. 1979.
  • The Rabbit and the Beetle: An Essay on Quine and Wittgenstein
    Dissertation, Syracuse University. 1986.
    In the course of my investigation, I examine and compare what is generally understood as "the private language argument" with certain passages in Wittgenstein's Philosophical Investigations which I take to constitute the skeleton of a private object argument, and I attempt to show how the two arguments are related, and to what extent. Appealing to various passages in the Investigations, I attempt to construct, from Wittgenstein's often cryptic remarks, a more explicitly stated hypothesis about t…Read more