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    Travels without a donkey
    History of the Human Sciences 28 (1): 118-138. 2015.
    The writings of Bruno Latour have invigorated empirical inquiry in the social sciences and in the process helped to redefine their character. In recent years the philosophy of social science that made this inquiry possible has been deployed to a different end, namely that of rethinking the character of politics. Here I suggest that in the pursuit of this goal, inflated claims are made about that philosophy, and some basic theoretical tools are asked to do a job for which they may not be best equ…Read more
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    Social types and sociological analysis
    History of the Human Sciences 32 (3): 3-23. 2019.
    Social types, or types of persons, occupy a curious place in the history of sociology. There has never been any agreement on how they should be used, or what their import is. Yet the problems surrounding their use are instructive, symptomatic of key ambivalences at the heart of the sociological enterprise. These include a tension between theories of social order that privilege the division of labour and those that focus on large-scale cultural complexes; a tension between the analysis of society…Read more
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    Book Review: The Making of Law (review)
    Philosophy of the Social Sciences 43 (2): 272-274. 2013.