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    Xénophon et Socrate
    International Journal of the Platonic Tradition 3 (2): 165-167. 2009.
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    Reading Aristotle Physics VII.3: ‘What is alteration?’ (edited book)
    with S. Maso
    Parmenides Publishing. 2012.
    This volume presents the results of the ESAP-HYELE conference on "Aristotle, Physics 7.3: What is Alteration?", which took place in Vitznau, Switzerland, 12–15 February 2007. The contributors are part of a team of Aristotelian scholars who came together for the first time in 1995, and have since been meeting every spring. The purpose of their gatherings is to read and interpret line by line a short, but important chapter of Aristotle's works. In this way, attention is focussed on key texts of pa…Read more