•  34
    Unresolved Ethical Challenges for the Australian Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record System: Key Informant Interview Findings
    with Craig L. Fry, Merle Spriggs, and Michael Arnold
    Ajob Empirical Bioethics 5 (4): 30-36. 2014.
  •  6
    Bounded rationality in problem solving: Guiding search with domain-independent heuristics
    with Pat Langley, Mike Barley, and Miranda Emery
    Mind and Society 13 (1): 83-95. 2014.
    Humans exhibit the remarkable ability to solve complex, multi-step problems despite their limited capacity for search. We review the standard theory of problem solving, which posits that heuristic guidance makes this possible, but we also note that most studies have emphasized the role of domain-specific heuristics, which are not available for unfamiliar tasks, over more general ones. We describe FPS, a flexible architecture for problem solving that supports a variety of different strategies and…Read more