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    The (Mostly) Benign Hypocrite
    Philosophical Inquiry 43 (3-4): 60-76. 2019.
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    Optical characterization of a bimorph deformable mirror
    with H. da HorsleyPark, S. P. Laut, and J. S. Werner
    This paper reports the results of interferometric characterization of a bimorph deformable mirror designed for use in an adaptive optics system. The natural frequencies of this DM were measured up to 20 kHz using both a custom stroboscopic phase-shifting interferometer as well as a commercial Laser Doppler Vibrometer. Interferometric measurements of the DM surface profile were analyzed by fitting the surface with mode-shapes predicted using classical plate theory for an elastically-supported dis…Read more
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    Understanding a Desireless Action as a Benevolent Action
    Asian Philosophy 25 (2): 132-147. 2015.
    Scholars have questioned the doctrine of desireless action in the Bhagavadgita and questioned whether Krishna’s advice is to be taken literally on the basis that the Humean account of motivation is more plausible than the anti-Humean account. In this paper, I will avoid the Humean principle debate by proposing a new way of examining the term ‘desireless action’. I aim to show that Krishna’s advice can be rendered coherent on the basis that we understand a desireless action as an action motivated…Read more
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    Rational devotion and human perfection
    Synthese 197 (6): 2333-2355. 2020.
    In the Bhagavad-Gita, Krishna lays out three paths of yoga as the means to achieve human perfection: the path of self-less action, the path of knowledge, and the path of devotion. In this paper I will argue for an interpretation of the Gita in which the path of devotion is the last step that leads to moksha. This is not to claim that bhakti yoga is more important than karma and jnana yoga, but rather that the latter two are more elementary. In order to practice bhakti yoga, one must first have p…Read more
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    Recent Works on Hutcheson
    Journal of Scottish Philosophy 13 (2): 115-121. 2015.