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    Analysant de façon claire et précise ce que recouvrent ces différentes catégories, typiquement occidentales, Christophe Richard nous ouvre ici les portes de cette forme singulière de spiritualité qu'est le " Bouddhisme ".
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    Therapeutic privilege: between the ethics of lying and the practice of truth
    with Y. Lajeunesse and M. -T. Lussier
    Journal of Medical Ethics 36 (6): 353-357. 2010.
    The ‘right to the truth’ involves disclosing all the pertinent facts to a patient so that an informed decision can be made. However, this concept of a ‘right to the truth’ entails certain ambiguities, especially since it is difficult to apply the concept in medical practice based mainly on current evidence-based data that are probabilistic in nature. Furthermore, in some situations, the doctor is confronted with a moral dilemma, caught between the necessity to inform the patient (principle of au…Read more