•  11
    Realism and Lexical Flexibility
    Theoria 86 (2): 145-186. 2020.
    Theoria, EarlyView.
  •  26
    Externalism and Conceptual Analysis
    Metaphilosophy 49 (5): 730-765. 2018.
  •  137
    Lexical Flexibility, Natural Language, and Ontology
    Croatian Journal of Philosophy 16 (1): 1-44. 2016.
    The Realist that investigates questions of ontology by appeal to the quantificational structure of language assumes that the semantics for the privileged language of ontology is externalist. I argue that such a language cannot be (some variant of) a natural language, as some Realists propose. The flexibility exhibited by natural language expressions noted by Chomsky and others cannot obviously be characterized by the rigid models available to the externalist. If natural languages are hostile to …Read more
  •  14
    Talking about Causing Events
    with Alexis Wellwood, Rachel Dudley, and J. Brendan Ritchie
    The Baltic International Yearbook of Cognition, Logic and Communication 9. 2014.
    Questions about the nature of the relationship between language and extralinguistic cognition are old, but only recently has a new view emerged that allows for the systematic investigation of claims about linguistic structure, based on how it is understood or utilized outside of the language system. Our paper represents a case study for this interaction in the domain of event semantics. We adopt a transparency thesis about the relationship between linguistic structure and extralinguistic cogniti…Read more