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    Bohmian Mechanics: Realism and the “Box” Experiment
    Foundations of Science 26 (2): 429-451. 2020.
    It is difficult to articulate how we should take a realist attitude towards Bohmian mechanics because there are many versions of it. This paper aims to clarify the realist commitments of Bohmian mechanics and how we can understand it from a general scientific realist perspective. I use the box experiment, a double-slit like experiment conducted by Cardone et al. :1–13, 2004; Int J Mod Phys B 20:1107–1121, 2006), as a working example to argue that a causal realist account that is applicable to Bo…Read more
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    It is generally believed that two rival non-relativistic quantum theories, the realist interpretation of quantum mechanics and Bohmian mechanics, are empirically equivalent. In this paper, I use these two quantum theories to show that it is possible to offer a solution to underdetermination in some local cases, by specifying what counts as relevant empirical evidence in empirical equivalence and underdetermination. I argue for a _domain-sensitive_ approach to underdetermination. Domain sensitivi…Read more
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    Size effects on tensile and fatigue behaviour of polycrystalline metal foils at the micrometer scale
    with C. Y. Dai and G. P. Zhang
    Philosophical Magazine 91 (6): 932-945. 2011.
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    Microstructures and strengthening mechanisms of Cu/Ni/W nanolayered composites
    with J. W. Yan, G. P. Zhang, X. F. Zhu, and H. S. Liu
    Philosophical Magazine 93 (5): 434-448. 2013.