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    Solidarity with Refugees: An Institutional Approach
    with Luke Ulaş
    Journal of Social Philosophy. forthcoming.
    Journal of Social Philosophy, EarlyView.
  •  18
    Can the Welfare State Justify Restrictive Asylum Policies? A Critical Approach
    Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 22 (2): 331-346. 2019.
    Liberal egalitarians tend to be committed both to generous asylum policies and generous, universal welfare states. Yet there may be political, social and economic reasons why there is a conflict in realising both. Asylum seekers may create economic pressures to the welfare state, or undermine national solidarity supposedly necessary to support redistribution. In this paper, I discuss how political theorists should approach these empirical concerns. I take issue with the view that theorists can s…Read more
  •  37
    Costs of refugee admission and the ethics of extraterritorial protection
    European Journal of Political Theory 147488511773811. 2017.
    Many affluent states seek to discharge their responsibilities to refugees through extraterritorial policies, which limit the number of refugees that they admit whilst contributing to protection in...
  •  23
    Territorial rights and open borders
    Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy 18 (5): 487-507. 2015.
  •  80
    Territorial rights open borders
    Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy 18 (5): 1-21. 2015.