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    Filosofia științelor umane. In memoriam Mihail Radu Solcan (edited book)
    with Mircea Flonta and Emanuel-Mihail Socaciu
    Editura Universității din București. 2015.
    A collective volume in memoriam Mihail Radu Solcan.
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    Mind the Gap! How the Digital Turn Upsets Intellectual Property
    with Emanuel-Mihail Socaciu
    Science and Engineering Ethics 25 (1): 247-264. 2019.
    Intellectual property is one of the highly divisive issues in contemporary philosophical and political debates. The main objective of this paper is to explore some sources of tension between the formal rules of intellectual property (particularly copyright and patents) and the emerging informal norms of file sharing and open access in online environments. We look into the file sharing phenomena not only to illustrate the deepening gap between the two sets of norms, but to cast some doubt on the …Read more
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    The purpose of this paper is to assess the emergence of the pirate movements in the European Union. Our goal is to sketch the steps towards a research agenda for this grassroots political movement which gained momentum since 2009. To attain our goal we showed the re-signification of the concept of piracy in the debate around intellectual property and its institutional settlement. Afterwards we analysed the big political themes of several European Pirate Parties and their struggle to follow the p…Read more
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    Climate Change, Intellectual Property, and Global Justice
    with Monica Ştefănescu
    Public Reason 4 (1-2): 197-209. 2012.
    The current situation of climate change at a global level clearly requires policy changes at local levels. Global efforts to reach a consensus regarding the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions have so far been focused on developing Climate-Friendly Technologies (CFTs). The problem is that in order for these efforts to have an actual impact at a global level we need to be concerned with more than just promotion and info-dissemination on the already existing CFTs, but also with costs, implementa…Read more
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    Intellectual Property, Globalization, and Left-Libertarianism
    Symposion: Theoretical and Applied Inquiries in Philosophy and Social Sciences 2 (3). 2015.
    Intellectual property has become the apple of discord in today’s moral and political debates. Although it has been approached from many different perspectives, a final conclusion has not been reached. In this paper I will offer a new way of thinking about intellectual property rights (IPRs), from a left-libertarian perspective. My thesis is that IPRs are not (natural) original rights, aprioric rights, as it is usually argued. They are derived rights hence any claim for intellectual property is w…Read more
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    Life and Ownership: Intellectual Property limits, from Genes to Synthetic Biology
    Ethics in Biology, Engineering and Medicine: An International Journal 6 (1-2): 139-149. 2015.
    The purpose of this analysis is to widen and clarify the debate which arose during the last years around granting patents (and other ownership rights) upon different methods and mechanisms of manipulating and engineering life. In doing so, I draw a limited, prima facie argument against many sorts of entitlements or granting rights to those capable of manipulating life at its core level. The general tendency nowadays is to put pressure on the institutional setting in order to accept and promote t…Read more