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    New Challenges in Immigration Theory: An Overview
    with Patti T. Lenard
    Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy 17 (5): 493-502. 2014.
    Normative political theory over recent decades has focused mainly on what ought to be done as far as migration policies are concerned. It faces a basic challenge, which stems from two competing, yet equally fundamental, ideals underpinning liberal democratic societies: a commitment to moral universalism and the exclusionary requirement of democracy. The objective of this special issue, ‘New Challenges in Immigration Theory’, is to provide a conceptual overview of (some) immigration theories and …Read more
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    In this thesis, I examine what makes a migration policy “just” by focussing on the following question: Is a policy of open borders the only morally defensible option or are there legitimate reasons for excluding would-be immigrants from entering? I reason that absent a global constitutional framework to determine and secure the relevant rights and duties at stake, potential immigrants lack a legitimate general right to immigrate since states bear no corresponding general duty to let them in. In …Read more
  • New Challenges in Immigration Theory (edited book)
    with Patti Lenard
    Routledge. 2015.