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    Critical readers can reasonably judge Zhuangzi’s 莊子 notion of wuwei 無爲 to offer a persuasive reply to Xunzi’s objection to Zhuangzi’s emphasis on living naturally, in light of recent theories of action. For Zhuangzi, self-cultivation is possible only when individuals attune themselves to the processes inherent in nature . Daoist wuwei depends crucially on two descriptive claims that Zhuangzi endorses and Xunzi rejects. The first claim, backed by Dreyfus’ theory of skill acquisition, is that view…Read more
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    In Zhuangzi’s philosophy, the intellectual virtues of humility and open-mindedness are best understood in the context of his epistemic perspectivism. The method, which urges knowers to pursue various and diverse points of view and incorporate them into a broad perspective, is justified by a second-order realization that all perspectives are partial and limited. This in turn urges a meta-virtue of humility, defined as a disposition in which knowers become aware of their epistemic limitations. Hum…Read more
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    Health as human nature and critique of culture in Nietzsche and Zhuang zi
    Comparative Philosophy 6 (1): 91-110. 2015.
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    Nietzsche and Zhuang Zi both believe that the supposed value of certain emotions they deem harmful should be questioned and that reflection can be utilized to change the emotions. They intend to disabuse those of their respective times of conventional morality, with the aim of achieving a state in which negative moral emotions are eliminated and a more natural way of life is embraced. Specifically, Nietzsche examines guilt, a remnant of an ascetic morality endorsed by the religious elite; Zhuang…Read more
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    Nonrigid band shift and nonmonotonic electronic structure changes upon doping in the normal state of the pnictide high-temperature superconductor Ba2 A s2
    with P. Vilmercati, S. K. Mo, A. Fedorov, M. A. McGuire, A. Sefat, B. Sales, D. Mandrus, W. Ku, S. Johnston, and N. Mannella
    © 2016 American Physical Society.We report systematic angle-resolved photoemission experiments using different photon polarizations and experimental geometries and find that the doping evolution of the normal state of Ba2As2 deviates significantly from the predictions of a rigid band model. The data reveal a nonmonotonic dependence upon doping of key quantities such as band filling, bandwidth of the electron pocket, and quasiparticle coherence. Our analysis suggests that the observed phenomenolo…Read more