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    Hegel on Metaphilosophy and the “Philosophic Spectator”
    Idealistic Studies 16 (3): 205-217. 1986.
    In this article I will discuss various aspects of Hegel’s radical critique of metaphilosophy. This critique announces a clear-cut departure from the widely held conviction in the philosophic tradition that in order to gain a firm foundation for science, a preliminary examination of the capacity and nature of knowledge is required. Hegel’s position is that such a propaedeutic is impossible. In the first part of this article, I will show how Hegel’s position can be illuminated in terms of his crit…Read more
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    Despite his persistent polemics against the Hegelian 'speculative' philosophy, Kierkegaard recognized his own 'enigmatic respect for Hegel', and one of his pseudonyms (Johannes Climacus) even acknowledged that his 'own energies are for the most part consecrated to the service' of speculation. Nowhere are Kierkegaard's energies more productively devoted to this service than in the work of his last pseudonym, Anti-Climacus, "The Sickness Unto Death." In this essay, I argue that not only are there …Read more