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    Domination and enforcement: The contingent and non-ideal relation between state and freedom
    Politics, Philosophy and Economics 19 (4): 403-423. 2020.
    It is common to think that state enforcement is a restriction on freedom that is morally permitted or justified because of the unfortunate circumstances in which we find ourselves. Human frailty an...
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    The Concept of Feasibility: A Multivocal Account
    Res Publica 27 (3): 491-507. 2021.
    A common objection to a proposal or theory in political philosophy is that it is not feasible to realise what it calls for. This is commonly taken to be sufficient to reject a proposal or theory: feasibility, on this common view, operates as a straightforward constraint on moral and political theory, whatever is not feasible is simply ruled out. This paper seeks to understand what we mean when we say that some proposal or outcome is or is not feasible. It will argue that no single binary definit…Read more