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    How Human Communication Influences Virtual Personal Assistants
    with Victoria Lobatyuk, Dmitry Kuznetsov, and Natalia Anosova
    In Knowledge in the Information Society Joint Conferences XII Communicative Strategies of the Information Society and XX Professional Culture of the Specialist of the Future, . pp. 98-111. 2021.
    Virtual Personal Assistants (VPI) are becoming part of our daily lives. The possibility of voice communication marks a new stage in the development of the interaction between people and computers. New challenges are associated not only with security issues and lack of the VPIs ability to give relevant answers to critical questions but also with the fact that the new artificial interlocutor does not always meet people’s expectations. The article discusses how the answers to the tricky questions o…Read more
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    The Language of Human-Machine Communication. Technology and Language
    Technology and Language 1 (1): 16-21. 2020.
    This essay for the inaugural issue of Technology and Language discusses the problem of finding an optimal form of human-machine communication. In the ongoing search for an alien mind, humanity seems to find it not in the infinities of space, but in its own environment. Changes in the language of human-machine interaction made it understandable not only to trained specialists but to every household. In the course of time, home appliances and devices have developed their language abilities even mo…Read more
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    Social Norms in Virtual Worlds of Computer Games
    with Tatiana Nam
    In Advances in Social Science, Education and Humanities Research. Proceedings of the International Conference Communicative Strategies of Information Society (CSIS 2018). pp. 369-373. 2018.
    Immersing in the virtual world of the Internet, information and communication technologies are changing the human being. In spite of the apparent similarity of on-line and off-line, social laws of their existence are different. According to the analysis of games, based on the violation of the accepted laws of the world off-line, their censoring, as well as the cheating, features of formation and violations of social norms in virtual worlds were formulated. Although the creators of the games have…Read more
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    Homo Virtualis: existence in Internet space
    with Victoria Lobatyuk and Anna Rubtsova
    SHS Web of Conference 44 00021. 2018.
    The study of a person existence in Internet space is certainly an actual task, since the Internet is not only a source of innovation, but also the cause of society's transformations and the social and cultural problems that arise in connection with this. Computer network is global. It is used by people of different professions, age, level and nature of education, living around the world and belonging to different cultures. It complicates the problem of developing common standards of behavior, a …Read more
  • Virtual Pet: Trends of Development
    with Nadezhda Almazova, Victoria Lobatyuk, and Anna Rubtsova
    Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing 1114 545-554. 2020.
    Information technologies are fundamentally changing modern society. Almost any human activity, including the caring for a pet, is acquiring new formats related to communication in the virtual space. The authors analyzed such a phenomenon as a virtual pet that has been developing since the early 90s of the 20th century on the basis of more than 100 different virtual pet modifications. The most popular among users and purchased more than 1 million times a year around the world are examined in deta…Read more