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    Klossowski and His Simulacra
    Philosophy Compass 12 (12). 2017.
    Pierre Klossowski's career in philosophy is a brief but significant intervention into the manner in which the connections between desire, identity, and meaning are thought. Although Klossowski's influence on much of what is called French “post-structuralism” or “post-modernism” is frequently noted, Klossowski's development of the motif of the simulacrum is rarely traced in its proper context. Through readings of the texts of the Marquis de Sade, Georges Bataille, and Friedrich Nietzsche, as well…Read more
  • Paul Ricoeur, The Course of Recognition Reviewed by
    Philosophy in Review 26 (4): 286-288. 2006.
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    Paul Ricoeur, The Course of Recognition (review)
    Philosophy in Review 26 286-288. 2006.