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    Marta Zampa (2017). Argumentation in the newsroom
    Journal of Argumentation in Context 9 (2): 302-308. 2020.
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    This paper reports the preliminary results of a content analysis of the use and functions of reasonableness in the New York Times editorial page from 1860-2004. We begin by setting out several reasons why we should devote our critical attention to the concept of reasonableness. We then justify our choice of the New York Times editorial page and describe our sample and analytic method. The body of the paper reports three results. First, the primary meanings of the concept are detailed. These incl…Read more
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    In this essay I want to extend the brief discussion of "higher-order" conditions presented in Reconstructing Argumentative Discourse. After a brief discussion of the scope and function of higher-order conditions, I will examine the modes of subjectivity entailed in their description of the ideal arguer. I will then move to a discussion of the relationship between governance and rationality underwriting their description of the socio-political environment conducive to critical discussion. I will …Read more
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    On mediated argument in context: An introduction to the Special Issue
    Journal of Argumentation in Context 3 (1): 1-5. 2014.