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    Savant memory in a man with colour form-number synaesthesia and asperger
    with Simon Baron-Cohen, J. Billington, J. Asher, S. Wheelwright, and C. Ashwin
    Journal of Consciousness Studies 14 (9-10): 237-251. 2007.
    Extreme conditions like savantism, autism or synaesthesia, which have a neurological 2AH, UK basis, challenge the idea that other minds are similar to our own. In this paper we report a single case study of a man in whom all three of these conditions co-occur. We suggest, on the basis of this single case, that when savantism and synaesthesia co- occur, it is worthwhile testing for an undiagnosed Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC). This is because savantism has an established association with ASC, a…Read more