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    Handbook of Bioethics and Religion: A Tale of Three Cities (edited book)
    Oxford University Press. 2006.
    What role should religion play in a religiously pluralistic liberal society? Public bioethics unavoidably raises this question in a particularly insistent fashion. As the 20 papers in this collection demonstrate, the issues are complex and multifaceted. The authors address specific and highly contested issues as assisted suicide, stem cell research, cloning, reproductive health, and alternative medicine as well as more general questions such as who legitimately speaks for religion in public bioe…Read more
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    Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia are among the fastest growing health problems in America. Dementia incidence tends to increase with age, and the elderly are the fastest growing segment of the population. Medical and social sciences research on dementia involving demented patients is both ongoing and necessary. However, as noted in a report of the Office for Human Subjects Research, “while research with intellectually impaired people generates valuable … data, it also provides sig…Read more
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    This challenging work demonstrates a practical way to resolve the problems inherent in much existing religious freedom jurisprudence and calls for a reformation ...
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    Concerns about caregivers providing religious or spiritual care arise, in large part, out of a misunderstanding about religion and spirituality and what those terms really mean. Many people treat religion and spirituality as special and unique. This chapter argues that religion and spirituality are basic human facts as inseparable from what it means to be human in the same way as our sex, our age, our ethnicity or the other social and cultural factors that caregivers routinely address. The chapt…Read more