• Free Speech and Public Debate: A Discourse Theory of the Gulf War
    with George A. Trey
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  • I argue that assumptions about human nature, even in light of Postmodernism, are unavoidable: any attempt to create a better world is grounded, implicitly or explicitly, in a conception of human. Philosophy should render explicit those conceptions and consider ways to evaluate them. Unsurprisingly, the concept of human essence has flourished in Latin American Liberation Philosophy: one cannot promote struggles that seek to liberate human beings without a conception of the "who" of liberation. Th…Read more
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    Free Speech and Public Debate
    with George A. Trey
    Social Philosophy Today 8 329-346. 1993.
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    For the economic and political processes being brought about in the name of the current wave of globalization to be ethical, they must avoid recapitulating the processes of the previous wave of globalization: colonialism. The paper discusses the logic of colonialism and a minimum requirement that the current globalization would have to fulfill in order to finally and definitively overcome the colonial structures inherited from the previous globalization: it must be democratic. It is argued that …Read more