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    Bootstrapping and the Problem of Testing Quantitative Theoretical Hypotheses
    The Proceedings of the Twentieth World Congress of Philosophy 10 143-150. 2001.
    Two alternative solutions to the problem of computing the values of theoretical quantities and of testing theoretical hypotheses are Sneed’s structuralist eliminationism and Glymour’s bootstrapping. Sneed attempts to solve the problem by eliminating theoretical quantities by means of the so-called Ramsey-Sneed sentence that represents the global empirical claim of the given theory. Glymour proposes to solve the problem by deducing the values of the theoretical quantities from the hypothesis to b…Read more
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    What to Expect When the Unexpected Becomes Expected: Harmonic Surprise and Preference Over Time in Popular Music
    with Scott A. Miles, David S. Rosen, Shaun Barry, and Norberto Grzywacz
    Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 15. 2021.
    Previous work demonstrates that music with more surprising chords tends to be perceived as more enjoyable than music with more conventional harmonic structures. In that work, harmonic surprise was computed based upon a static distribution of chords. This would assume that harmonic surprise is constant over time, and the effect of harmonic surprise on music preference is similarly static. In this study we assess that assumption and establish that the relationship between harmonic surprise and mus…Read more
  • Harun Rızatepe'nin
    Felsefe Tartismalari 32 67-69. 2004.
  • The Place of Logic in Philosophy
    Felsefe Arkivi 51 351-353. 2019.
    Having drawn the distinction between logic as a discipline and logic as organon, this short paper focuses on the latter, the purpose of which is twofold. First, it highlights the importance of second-order logic and modal logic in ontology. To this aim, the role of second-order logic is illustrated in formalizing realist ontology committing to the existence of properties. It is also emphasized how quantified modal logic helps clarify de re/de dicto distinction that implicitly takes place in ordi…Read more
  • Arda Denkel'in Töz Anlayışı: Bir Eleştiriye Yanıt
    Felsefe Tartismalari 28 77-84. 2001.