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    Political Economies of "The Commons": Epigraphs to Nothing
    with Gavin Keeney and Owen O'Carroll
    In Francisco Javier Carrillo & Cathy Garner (eds.), City Preparedness for Climate Crisis: A Multidisciplinary Approach, Edward Elgar. pp. 319-30. 2021.
    “Noverim me, noverim te.” – Saint Augustine, Confessions, 10.1.1. (397-400 AD). What would and will an urban commons look like that is slowly and incrementally being re-socialized? How would that affect urban planning “now” and in times of crisis? How do we prepare for the likelihood of rolling similar crises with an eye on returning the urban commons to citizens? There is the old adage that under capitalism, risk is always socialized and profit is always privatized. We are seeing it now, under …Read more
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    The Debauched Commons: A Dark Parable
    International Journal for the Semiotics of Law - Revue Internationale de Sémiotique Juridique 36 (5): 2115-2132. 2023.
    ‘The Debauched Commons: A Dark Parable’ summarizes issues regarding intellectual property rights and immaterial culture through a nuanced reading of how First Nations Peoples worldwide have been forced by forms of neoliberal-capitalist exploitation of the knowledge commons to ring-fence and/or commodify their lived traditions, in many cases dating back 100,000 years and clearly predating any and all Western (First World) concepts of ownership. The intention of the structuralist-inspired reading …Read more
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    Next to Nothing: Psychogeography and the "Film Essay"
    In Igea Troiani & Suzanne Ewing (eds.), Visual Research Methods in Architecture, Intellect. pp. 204-17. 2020.
    The idea of the “film essay,” from Alexandre Astruc to Harun Farocki, concerns arguments for and/or against cinema and its truth-telling apparatuses. For example, as discordant and often-dark elegy for themes present in everyday cultural criticism, yet themes often eclipsed by rationalist and neo-positivist biases, the subjective states of the “film essay” hold considerable promise toward new visual methodologies or procedures for psychogeographical inquiry in landscape-architectural discourse –…Read more