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    Bristol Bay and Pebble Mine: Mutual Flourishing or Midas’ Touch
    Ethics, Policy and Environment 21 (1): 26-28. 2018.
    The Pebble Limited Partnership proposes to create the Pebble Mine, one of the world’s largest open-pit mines, in the Bristol Bay watershed, home to Alaska’s largest sockeye salmon fishery. De...
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    Richard Rorty’s New Pragmatism: Neither Liberal Nor Free (review)
    Newsletter of the Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy 36 (107): 32-35. 2008.
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    Well-Being: Happiness in a Worthwhile Life, by Neera K. Badhwar (review)
    Teaching Philosophy 38 (4): 474-476. 2015.
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    This book is an extended and provocative exercise in describing pragmatism’s past and in attempting to chart a course for its future. This description is not merely a history of philosophy or paean to American thought. It is rather a re-description that draws attention to a neglected and potentially fruitful theme in pragmatism, one that Koopman has termed “transitionalism” for its focus on historicity and temporality. One of the enduring features of pragmatism is its commitment to the revisabil…Read more
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    Hunting – Philosophy For Everyone: In Search of the Wild Life
    Sport, Ethics and Philosophy 6 (1): 81-84. 2012.
    Sport, Ethics and Philosophy, Volume 6, Issue 1, Page 81-84, February 2012
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    Twenty-three years ago Robert Ayers noticed several brief and intriguing comments on miracles in the Collected Papers of Charles Sanders Peirce. Working with just those scraps of information from the CP, he stitched together a rough but helpful starting point for understanding this aspect of Peirce's religious and scientific thought. In the last few years several more articles on this subject have been written, each filling in a gap left by the others: Ayers' is a theological view, based solely …Read more