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    Between Memory and Différance: (radically) understanding the other
    Educational Philosophy and Theory 31 (2): 225-229. 1999.
  •  3
    Symposium: Aesthetic lives: Teaching and learning as creative work
    with Lori A. Custodero, David T. Hansen, and Anna Neumann
    Journal of Aesthetic Education 39 (2): 88-96. 2005.
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    Why the best isn't so bad: Moderation and ideals in educational reform
    Educational Theory 59 (5): 511-531. 2009.
    In Moderating the Debate: Rationality and the Promise of American Education, Michael Feuer counsels reformers to “satisfice”: moderate their expectations and accept that flawed reforms can be good enough. Implicit in Feuer's view of satisficing is the assumption that moderating expectations entails eschewing ideals and replacing optimal goals with modest, real‐world solutions. In this essay, Deborah Kerdeman agrees with Feuer that moderation is vital for reform, but maintains that embracing mode…Read more
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    Aesthetic experience and education: Themes and questions
    Journal of Aesthetic Education 39 (2): 88-96. 2005.
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    Preparing Educational Researchers: The Role of Self‐Doubt
    Educational Theory 65 (6): 719-738. 2015.
    Educational scholars concur that research preparation courses should engage doctoral students with methodological differences and epistemological controversies. Mary Metz and Nancy Lesko recently published articles describing how courses guided by this aim engender self-doubt for students. Neither scholar is entirely convinced that self-doubt is educationally productive. Drawing on Hans-Georg Gadamer's notion of Bildung, Deborah Kerdeman reframes the view of self-doubt that Metz and Lesko assume…Read more
  • Education, Dialogue, and Hermeneutics
    Educational Theory 65 (1): 86-93. 2015.