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    The aim of this article1 is to provide insight into the anthropological framework that could inform the pastoral and therapeutic care of those we encounter, professionally or in our personal lives, who experience same-sex attraction. Our question here is not whether or not persons are free to ignore the natural order but to consider how to minister to those who wish to engage in the struggle to conform themselves to it—or those whom we hope to persuade to do so. Since entering into such conversa…Read more
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    8.1 Introduction to Dorothy L. Sayer's "Are Women Human?" from Unpopular Opinions: Twenty-One Essays
    Logos: A Journal of Catholic Thought and Culture 8 (4): 158-164. 2005.
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    Woman as Knower
    The Lonergan Review 5 (1): 109-138. 2014.
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    The Centrality of Lived Experience in Wojtyla’s Account of the Person
    Roczniki Filozoficzne 61 (1): 19-51. 2013.
    THE CENTRALITY OF LIVED EXPERIENCE IN WOJTYLA’S ACCOUNT OF THE PERSON S u m m a r y The aim of this paper is to illuminate the centrality of lived experience in Karol Wojytla’s account of the person and identify its significance for philosophy and praxis in the contemporary period. Specifically the author intends to pursue the meaning of Wojtyla’s claim that “the category of lived experience must have a place in anthropology and ethics—and somehow be at the center of their respective interpretat…Read more
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    The Nature of Woman in Relation to Man
    Logos: A Journal of Catholic Thought and Culture 18 (1): 71-93. 2015.