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    Both contemporary popular and scholarly discourse on teacher development and evaluation assumes the truth of a certain view of normative human behavior, one that holds that skill in a given domain is predicated upon the application of maxims, rules, or principles in a given situation. Such a view would allow one to isolate behaviors associated with expert practice, distill the rules that give rise to them, and both develop new teachers and evaluate practicing teachers on the basis of such maxims…Read more
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    Nagel, T. 3445 Neumaier, O. 18, 246
    with H. Ganthaler, A. Gehlen, E. Gellner, L. Goldstein, E. Hanslick, G. Harman, N. Hartmann, K. Havlicek, and O. Hazay
    In Markus Textor (ed.), The Austrian Contribution to Analytic Philosophy, Routledge. pp. 324. 2006.
  • In an effort to address the problems confronting the American education system, the Obama administration has issued structural and systematic reforms such as _Race to the Top_. These initiatives introduce new statistics and accountability systems to gauge what constitutes "good" teaching, both from an administrative standpoint and the perspective of teacher training programs. This volume offers a direct critique of this approach, concluding that it does not respond adequately to the issues of ed…Read more