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    Architecture and dynamics of the autophagic phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase complex
    with S. Baskaran, G. la CarlsonStjepanovic, L. N. Young, P. Grob, R. E. Stanley, E. Nogales, and J. H. Hurley
    The class III phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase complex I that functions in early autophagy consists of the lipid kinase VPS34, the scaffolding protein VPS15, the tumor suppressor BECN1, and the autophagy-specific subunit ATG14. The structure of the ATG14-containing PI3KC3-C1 was determined by single-particle EM, revealing a V-shaped architecture. All of the ordered domains of VPS34, VPS15, and BECN1 were mapped by MBP tagging. The dynamics of the complex were defined using hydrogen-deuterium exchan…Read more
  • "lotte Has Been Chasing And I Sing" - Korea's Literary And Poetic Type And Characteristics Of White
    Chinese Literature and Philosophy of Communication 15 (1): 15-43. 2005.
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    Right, Equality, and the Fairness Obligation
    Philosophia 41 (3): 795-807. 2013.
    The principle of fairness holds that individuals (beneficiaries) who benefit from a cooperative scheme of others (cooperators) have an obligation to do their share in return for their benefit. The original proponent of this principle, H. L. A. Hart suggests ‘mutuality of restrictions’ as a moral basis because it is fair to mutually restrict the freedom of both beneficiaries and cooperators; so called the fairness obligation. This paper explores ‘mutuality of restrictions’, which is interpreted a…Read more