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    Mathematical modeling of intrusive growth of fusiform initials in relation to radial growth and expanding cambial circumference in pinus sylvestris L
    with J. Karczewski, W. Włoch, J. Jura-Morawiec, P. Kojs, M. Iqbal, and J. Krawczyszyn
    Acta Biotheoretica 57 (3): 331-348. 2009.
    This study on the cambium of Pinus sylvestris L. examines the intrusive growth of fusiform cambial initials and its possible contribution to the tangential and radial expansions of the cambial cylinder. The location and extent of intrusive growth of the fusiform initials were determined by microscopic observations and by mathematical modeling. In order to meet the required circumferential expansion of the cambial cylinder, the fusiform initials grow in groups by means of a symplastic rather than…Read more