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    Philosophy of Art Education in the Visual Culture: Aesthetics for Art Teachers
    with Efrat Galnoor
    Philosophy of Education 43 (1): 133-148. 2009.
    This paper describes an experimental course in the preparation of art teachers. The goal of the course was to engage final-year art students in thinking about the fundamental questions in aesthetic education and in considering various views of their roles as teachers of art. The classes presented a dialogue between two teachers: a philosopher of art and an artist. We discussed the social justification of art, the place of art in education and more generally the portrayal of visual culture in phi…Read more
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    From the perspective of art education, the worst-case philosophical scenario is the hedonist-subjectivist account of art. If we measure art by the pleasure we gain from it, it may seem senseless to attempt teaching the reception of art. David Hume's ‘Of the Standard of Taste’ provides an argument for the art-education enthusiast, explaining that—even on a subjectivist account—art education crystallises our own preferences. While I refer to a historical debate and provide a close reading of an 18…Read more
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    The sublime reader
    British Journal for the History of Philosophy 1-3. forthcoming.
  • Summaries of Hebrew Articles
    with Gideon Katz
    Iyyun 52 107. 2003.