Dr Ramesh Singh Pal

  • ICAR-VPKAS, Almora
    Scientist, Writer & Spiritual Motivator
GG B Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pant Nagar
Alumnus, 2013
Almora, UK, India
Areas of Specialization
Philosophical Traditions
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    Everything and every word about spirituality have already been said but the practical utility of spiritual wisdom in day to day life to achieve success and live a blissful life is lacking. Spiritual wisdom not only shows us the path of salvation and freedom but also helps us to figure out the solutions for every problem in all walks of human life and civilization. Spirituality is a well-defined, scientific way to get any goal in life whether it is for justified worldly desires or to fulfil the u…Read more
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    Apana Swaroop
    Educreation Publishing. 2018.
    We normally function through the mind without knowing the mechanics of understanding. This book teaches us how to make thoughts and how to control once mind, so that we can live peaceful life and achieve the highest goal of life, i.e. self-realization. Book also deals with the fundamentals of life and spirituality. Book has written in a simple language so that most of the peoples will understand the real essence of the life. The author has discussed about the complex messages of the Vedanta, in …Read more