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    Othered body, obscene self(ie): A Sartrean reading of Kim Kardashian-West
    with Elese B. Dowden
    Hecate 43 (2): 117-130. 2017.
    In this existential reading of Kim Kardashian-West's International Women's Day selfie of 2016, I focus on the rise of selfie culture and public discourse around emerging digital representations of women's bodies. The selfie is a relatively new phenomenon, and is particularly curious because of the subject/object paradox it creates; in taking a selfie, a person asserts control over their own image, but at the same time, becomes object in their own gaze. My argument is that selfies, like other ass…Read more
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    Colonial mind, Colonised body: Structural violence and incarceration in Aotearoa
    Parrhesia: A Journal of Critical Philosophy 1 (30): 88-102. 2019.
    There is an inherent link between colonisation and carceral institutions, and in this paper I aim to illuminate and critically review the philosophical implications of prison structures in relation to coloniality. I draw on the work of Lewis Gordon, Frantz Fanon & Nelson Maldonado-Torres in arguing that physical incarceration not only colonises the body, but the mind too, as a form of structural violence. In order to establish an existential phenomenological framework for coloniality in incarcer…Read more