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    Mental states follow quantum mechanics during perception and cognition of ambiguous figures
    In N. Copernicus University publishing World Scientifc Institute of physics Krzysztof Stefanski (ed.), Open Systems and Information Dynamics, World Scientific Publishing Company. pp. 1-17. 2009.
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    Starting with 1985, we discovered the possible existence of electrons with net helicity in biomolecules as amino acids and their possibility to discern between the two quantum spin states. It is well known that the question of a possible fundamental role of quantum mechanics in biological matter constitutes still a long debate. In the last ten years we have given a rather complete quantum mechanical elaboration entirely based on Clifford algebra whose basic entities are isomorphic to the well kn…Read more
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    We comment some recent results obtained by using a Clifford bare bone skeleton of quantum mechanics in order to formulate the conclusion that quantum mechanics has its origin in the logic, and relates conceptual entities. Such results touch directly the basic problem about the structure of our cognitive and conceptual dynamics and thus of our mind. The problem of exploring consciousness results consequently to be strongly linked. This is the reason because studies on quantum mechanics applied to…Read more
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    Starting with the results of Li et al. in 1992 there is valuable interest in finding long range correlations in DNA sequences since it raises questions about the role of introns and intron-containing genes. In the present paper we studied two sequences that are the human T-cell receptor alpha/delta locus, Gen-Bank name HUMTCRADCV, a noncoding chromosomal fragment of M = 97630 bases (composed of less than 10% of coding regions), and the Escherichia Coli K12, Gen-Bank name ECO110K, a genomic fragm…Read more
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    A New Method for Analysis of Heart Rate Variability, Asymmetry and BRS. Part I .
    International Journal of Research and Review in Applied Sciences. forthcoming.
    : In the present paper we give a new method for estimation and quantification of Heart Rate Variability (HRV) in the VLF,LF,HF bands using the basic concept of variability previously introduced. The method enables to quantify ANS modulation of R-R intervals. In the subsequent paper we will give detailed exposition of the performed and confirming experiments.
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    a simple derivation of the effect induced from repeated measurements on quantum unstable systems is obtained by using the regularized incomplete beta - function .
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    The thesis of this paper is that Information, Cognition and a Principle of Existence are intrinsically structured in the quantum model of reality. We reach such evidence by using the Clifford algebra. We analyze quantization in some traditional cases of quantum mechanics and, in particular in quantum harmonic oscillator, orbital angular momentum and hydrogen atom.
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    We review a rough scheme of quantum mechanics using the Clifford algebra. Following the steps previously published in a paper by another author [31], we demonstrate that quantum interference arises in a Clifford algebraic formulation of quantum mechanics. In 1932 J. von Neumann showed that projection operators and, in particular, quantum density matrices can be interpreted as logical statements. In accord with a previously obtained result by V. F Orlov , in this paper we invert von Neumann’s res…Read more
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    Methods and Applications of Non-Linear Analysis in Neurology and Psycho-physiology
    Journal of Consciousness Exploration and Research 1 (9): 1070-1138. 2012.
    In the light of the results obtained during the last two decades in analysis of signals by time series, it has become evident that the tools of non linear dynamics have their elective role of application in biological, and, in particular, in neuro-physiological and psycho-physiological studies. The basic concept in non linear analysis of experimental time series is that one of recurrence whose conceptual counterpart is represented from variedness and variability that are the foundations of compl…Read more
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    A model of consciousness and conscious experience is introduced. Starting with a non-Lipschitz Chaotic dynamics of neural activity, we propose that the synaptic transmission between adjacent as well as distant neurons should be regulated in brain dynamics through quantum tunneling. Further, based on various studies of different previous authors, we consider the emergence of very large quantum mechanical system representable by an abstract quantum net entirely based on quantum-like entities havin…Read more
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    We review our approach to quantum mechanics adding also some new interesting results. We start by giving proof of two important theorems on the existence of the A(Si) and i,±1 N Clifford algebras. This last algebra gives proof of the von Neumann basic postulates on the quantum measurement explaining thus in an algebraic manner the wave function collapse postulated in standard quantum theory. In this manner we reach the objective to expose a self-consistent version of quantum mechanics. In detail…Read more
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    We start from previous studies of G.N. Ord and A.S. Deakin showing that both the classical diffusion equation and Schrödinger equation of quantum mechanics have a common stump. Such result is obtained in rigorous terms since it is demonstrated that both diffusion and Schrödinger equations are manifestation of the same mathematical axiomatic set of the Clifford algebra. By using both such ( ) i A S and the i,±1 N algebra, it is evidenced, however, that possibly the two basic equations of the phys…Read more
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    Von Neumann in 1932 was the first to outline the possible non-existence of dispersion free ensembles in quantum mechanics, and he used this basic evidence to give a preliminary proof on incompatibility between quantum mechanics and local hidden variables theory. In the present paper, we give a detailed theoretical elaboration on the manner in which such a fundamental subject could be explored at perceptive and cognitive levels in humans. We also discuss a general design of the experiment that we…Read more
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    Recently we have given proof of two theorems characterizing the Clifford algebra. By using such two theorems we have reformulated the well known von Neumann postulate on quantum measurements giving evidence of the algebraic manner in which quantum wave function collapse of quantum mechanics happens. In the present paper we introduce logic in Clifford algebra interpreting its idempotents as logical statements. Using the previously mentioned theorems we demonstrate that the two basic foundations o…Read more
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    We indicate a new way in the solution of the problem of the quantum measurement . In past papers we used the well-known formalism of the density matrix using an algebraic approach in a two states quantum spin system S, considering the particular case of three anticommuting elements. We demonstrated that, during the wave collapse, we have a transition from the standard Clifford algebra, structured in its space and metrics, to the new spatial structure of the Clifford dihedral algebra. This struct…Read more
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    Additional Comments Added to Our Recent Answer to G. Ghirardi
    Journal of Modern Physics 6 (1). 2015.
    Recently we published on International Journal of Theoretical Physics an answer to G. Ghirardi relating a paper published by this author in 1999. Since the argument is so complex and articulated, in the present paper we add further comments relating in particular the matter of the quantum collapse as we have elaborated it in our previous work using only Clifford algebra and thus reaching the basic result that it is a mechanism involving only information with a cybernetic collapse and retrocollap…Read more
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    We discuss a celebrated experiment of quantum mechanics to evidence that quantum mechanics delineates a novel feature of our reality in which cognition enters as primary element, strongly linked ab initio to the dynamics of matter. Free download of the paper at http://www.scirp.org/Journal/PaperInformation.aspx?PaperID=54234#.VPtZ7HyG_10 DOI: 10.4236/psych.2015.63029
  • The thesis of this paper is that Information, Cognition and a Principle of Existence are intrinsically structured in the quantum model of reality. We reach such evidence by using the Clifford algebra. We analyze quantization in some traditional cases of quantum mechanics and, in particular in quantum harmonic oscillator, orbital angular momentum and hydrogen atom. The results are confirmed analyzing human cognition behavior that evidences a very consistent agreement with the basic quantum mechan…Read more
  • The aim of the present contribution is to give a review on a new methodology that we may use when we are employed in the analyis of one of the most fundamental signals that we encounter in electrophysiology, the R-R intervals in analysis of the ECG. First of all the limits of the current FFT application are discussed. Soon after the basic foundations of the CZF method are exposed and we expose and discuss in detail a large number of physiological and clinical applications, based directly on expe…Read more