•  102
    Peircean Habits and the Life of Symbols
    Semiotics 98-109. 2010.
  •  46
    The inner semiotic core of biology Content Type Journal Article Pages 1-3 DOI 10.1007/s11016-011-9547-z Authors Eliseo Fernández, Linda Hall Library of Science and Technology, Kansas City, MO 64110, USA Journal Metascience Online ISSN 1467-9981 Print ISSN 0815-0796.
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    Information and Ersatz Reality: Comments on Albert Borgmann's Holding On to Reality (review)
    Techné: Research in Philosophy and Technology 6 (1): 8-11. 2002.
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    Taking the Relational Turn: Biosemiotics and Some New Trends in Biology (review)
    Biosemiotics 3 (2): 147-156. 2010.
    A cluster of similar trends emerging in separate fields of science and philosophy points to new opportunities to apply biosemiotic ideas as tools for conceptual integration in theoretical biology. I characterize these developments as the outcome of a “relational turn” in these disciplines. They signal a shift of attention away from objects and things and towards relational structures and processes. Increasingly sophisticated research technologies of molecular biology have generated an enormous q…Read more
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    Biosemiotics—a discipline in the process of becoming established as a new research enterprise—faces a double task. On the one hand it must carry out the theoretical and experimental investigation of an enormous range of semiotic phenomena relating organisms to their internal components and to other organisms (e.g., signal transduction, replication, codes, etc.). On the other hand, it must achieve a philosophical re-conceptualization and generalization of theoretical biology in light of the essen…Read more
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    The course of biological evolution is regarded by many authors as an ascending path toward higher levels of variety, complexity and integration. There are similar but partly conflicting accounts of the nature and causes of this ascending course. With the aim of reaching a unified conception I start by summarily reviewing three notable examples. These are, in their latest presentations, those of Hoffmeyer and Stjernfelt 2015, Szathmáry 2015, and Lane 2015a. Comparison of their commonalities and d…Read more
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    Expanding on the results of previous contributions I advance several hypotheses on the interaction of physical and semiotic processes, both in organisms and in human artifacts. I then proceed to employ these ideas to formulate a general account of evolutionary processes in terms of concrete generalization, where, in analogy with conceptual generalization, novel creations retain antecedent features as special or restricted cases. I argue the following theses: 1) the main point of intersection of …Read more
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    Neomalthusianismo e movemento libertario na Galiza de anteguerra
    with Dionisio Pereira González
    In Francisco Díaz-Fierros Viqueira (ed.), O Darwinismo E Galicia, Universidade De Santiago De Compostela, Servizo De Publicacións E Intercambio Científico. 2009.
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  • El caso de México ante las lenguas vernáculas (review)
    El Catoblepas: Revista Crítica Del Presente. 2005.
    Apuntes para un análisis a propósito del libro Lenguas vernáculas, del antropólogo Gonzalo Aguirre Beltrán
  • Comunicación a los VIII Encuentros de Filosofía en Gijón
  • Review (review)
    El Basilisco 17 98-98. 1994.
  • De algunos mitos y tabúes en el nuevo orden mundial
    El Catoblepas: Revista Crítica Del Presente. 2005.
    Texto basado en una conferencia impartida por el autor en la Universidad Veracruzana en el año 2000
  • Orden y conexión en la televisión
    El Catoblepas: Revista Crítica Del Presente. 2003.
    Comunicación a los VII Encuentros de Filosofía en Gijón
  • Sinalogía política y problemas de «identidad» en la seguridad europea
    El Catoblepas: Revista Crítica Del Presente. 2006.
    Comunicación presentada en los X Encuentros de Filosofía en Gijón, 7-9 de julio de 2005
  • La violencia y el terror en La Naranja Mecánica de Kubrick
    El Catoblepas: Revista Crítica Del Presente. 2004.
    Quizá estemos forjando una generación de Alexs kubrickianos, sin ser demasiado conscientes de ello
  • Acerca de Marshall McLuhan
    El Catoblepas: Revista Crítica Del Presente. 2005.
    Crítica en torno a las ideas del autor de Understanding Media. Algunas cuestiones sobre El Hombre de la Galaxia Electrónica
  • Contra Kant y sus epígonos
    El Basilisco 34 21-26. 2004.
  • Martin Luther King
    El Catoblepas: Revista Crítica Del Presente. 2004.
    Etología, cultura y política en las luchas de los afroamericanos en los Estados Unidos del Norte de América
  • España: Leyenda Negra o Madre Patria
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